Message from the Board


New and exciting things are happening in the APICS Tucson Chapter. If you're looking for an opportunity to serve as a chapter volunteer either on the Board of Directors or on a committee we would love to talk to you!


The Board of Directors for the Tucson Chapter meets 6 pm on the second Tuesday of each month


To place a nomination or inquire about service opportunities or any other information, please email us at:PRESIDENT@APICS-TUCSON.ORG


Open Board Positions – VP Education, VP Programs





                                                 Bret Noe

                                       Chapter President





                                        Joel E Lohr

                                        President Emeritus

                                        Dataforth Corporation




                                        David Peckarsky

                                        Vice President Administration






                                                  Larry Jones

                                        Vice President Communications

                                        Whispering Birch Consulting




                                        Mary Lou Leedale

                                        Independent Consultant

                                        Director Education





                                        Bret Noe

                                        Director Education





                                        James W Winger

                                        Director Education





                                        Warren Hatcher

                                        Vice President Finance





                                        Bret Noe

                                        Vice President Information Technology





                                        Larry Jones

                                        Vice President Marketing





                                                  David Hasier

                                        Vice President Membership






                                                  Larry Jones

                                        Vice President Programs




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